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 Twilight starları fanlarının sorularını cevaplıyor

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MesajKonu: Twilight starları fanlarının sorularını cevaplıyor   Salı Eyl. 09, 2008 10:08 pm
belki izleyenleriniz vardır ama un yaptığı röportaj işte bu linkte ve orda yazmasına rağmen yine de alta söylediklerini de yazıyım fakat üzgünüm ki ingilizce

Q: "What's the coolest thing about being a vampire?" - Nazrine

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale): I'd have to say the coolest thing, the singular coolest thing, to me would have to be the ability to just stay out of the sun. You know, I'm not really a sun person. I'm not a beach bunny. I'm more of an indoor-sports kind of guy. You know, sitting at home with a guitar, just very simple. I'm all about nightlife. I live during the night, so that would have to be the coolest aspect for me.

Q: "Kristen, how do you manage keeping up with schoolwork while on the set? Do you find that being one of the youngest on set, and having to take time for school, that you haven't had sufficient time to bond with the other castmembers?" - Tessa Carpitella

Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan): I'm not on set as much as the other actors because I'm in school all the time. That comes to a screeching halt on Wednesday [April 9] — I turn 18. A lot of times it's really frustrating, because I have to be in school, so I'm only there for my close-up and for everybody else's coverage, they're just acting to a blob, and it really takes away from what's going on in the scene. But it's almost over.

Q: "If you had a choice to play (gender aside) another character in the 'Twilight' books, besides the one you've already been cast as, who would it be and why?" - Bob

Peter Facinelli (Dr. Carlisle Cullen): Wow. If I could play any character, set aside gender, it's a toss-up between Edward or Bella. Maybe Jacob Black. That's a pretty cool part too. The three of them, they're all so interesting. I mean, Edward has such inner-turmoil and has such a sense of struggle all the time. And Bella is this sweet, innocent girl, kind of finding love for the first time. They're all interesting characters.

Q: "Were you surprised [about] how Stephenie Meyer described the vampires, because they are the total opposite of the stereotypical vampire? If so, why?" - Esther

Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black): Yeah, it surprised me when they didn't have the crazy teeth. But I actually like that, because they have these teeth and they want blood, but they're not just these freaky characters. I love how there's the good ones and the bad ones, the evil ones who do want that. And there's also the Cullens, who realize that's bad, and they're more human-like. So I definitely love the good and the bad sides. That's probably my favorite part with the vampires.

Q: "When can we start looking for the trailer?" - Rachel

Greg Mooradian (producer): Hopefully this summer. We're going to put out a teaser trailer this summer, and we're set to release December 12th. We can hopefully knock [the movie] out in time for the holidays.

Q: "If all the books get made into films, which scene from all three books would you be most excited to film and why?" - Steph

Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale): It's Chapter 7 in book three, I believe. ... It's the scene where I ... sit down with Bella and ... become more of a person. I just explain to her why I don't want her to want to be one of us so bad. You know what I mean? Because she doesn't understand what she's getting herself into. ... I'm really looking forward to that, because I want to humanize her a little bit. And that's the only word I can think of right now, and that sounds silly, because I'm not a human [I'm a vampire]. But I want to make her a more understandable character.

Q: "What music do you hope will be included in the final product?" -Victoria

Catherine Hardwicke (director): One band that really inspired Stephenie is Muse, so we've been talking to Muse and seeing if they want to be participants in the film. We love their music. It's very emotional, romantic, lush, interesting, textured and layered too. We're talking to a few other people right now, and seeing who we can draw in. ... We like [the idea] of getting people to write a new song too. Even people who are a little bit more emerging — new bands, discovery bands. ... There are a lot of emotional themes about living forever and being separated from the person you love and that feeling of being swept away. There are songs out there that really have great resonance for our themes in the movie — and hopefully new ones.

Q: "For Ashley Greene: If Natalie Portman can shave her head for 'V for Vendetta,' if Christian Bale can lose 60 pounds for 'The Machinist', and if Sofia Vassilieva can also go bald for 'My Sister's Keeper,' than why couldn't you cut your hair to play Alice? Because for me, it's going to distract." - Danielle

Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen): Wow. I tried.

Jackson Rathbone (Jasper Hale): She did cut her hair. She cut her hair a good 5 inches, 6 inches. She has long hair naturally.

Greene: My hair is, like, down to here naturally [she gestures toward her waist]. We cut a good bit off of it. I cut it to here [she gestures to her shoulders], because it's obviously wigged. I was all for the short hair. But I guess there's a lot of [controversy].

Rathbone: With production, with the stand-ins and stunt doubles — we all have quite a few — they also have to match all of them as well. They found out for the girls, certain characters with short hair might be a little bit easier. For me, they don't care because I'm next to her anyway, and every time I'm next to her, you just look [toward her]. It's a much better sight.

Q: "HI ROBERT! I just wanted to say that I would choose you over Jacob any day! Marry me?" - Rachel

Q: "Robert, I love you! Please marry me! =D" - Elle

Q: "I have a question for Robert ... will you marry me?" - Ryan_the_girl

Q: "Will you marry me????" - Ady

Q: "Robert: Will you marry me?" - Cynthia

Q: "Marry me?" - Rachel

Q: "Will you marry me? J/K. I'm only 14." - Minh-Thu

Q: "Marry me?" - Kam

Q: "Hey, Robert! Will you marry me? You have beautiful eyes. And I think you should marry me." - Katie Howell

Q: "Will you marry me?" - Becky

Q: "Will you marry me?" - Christinax3

Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen): It depends on what you look like. [Laughs.] No, not really. Well, yes. It's depending on how old you are and depending on a lot of other things. I don't like children, though; not at all. And you'd have to clap after every take on every job I do for the rest of my life.


robert ın bölümüne bittim Very Happy
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MesajKonu: Geri: Twilight starları fanlarının sorularını cevaplıyor   Salı Eyl. 09, 2008 10:31 pm

kızlara oha dicem çocuğa evlenme teklif ediyolar geek
ama bu arkadaşa katılıyorum
Alıntı :
You have beautiful eyes.

The truth is hiding in your eyes
And it's hanging on your tongue
Just boiling in my blood
But you think that I can't see
What kind of man that you are
If you're a man at all
Well I figure this one out on my own
I'm screaming I love you so
My thoughts you can't decode
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Twilight starları fanlarının sorularını cevaplıyor
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